github sindresorhus/got v11.1.2

Bug fixes

  • Disable options.dnsCache by default 79507c2cdec137e65d715f36d13a5a0e577ddc01

This should stay disabled when making requests to internal hostnames such as localhost, database.local etc.
CacheableLookup uses dns.resolver4(..) and dns.resolver6(...) under the hood and fall backs to dns.lookup(...) when the first two fail, which may lead to additional delay.


  • Add test cases for issues #1221 and #1223 (#1231) 822bfa770306737a3ad06196101975b669b5d738
  • Update dependencies 05ff8780768d48fb58c782ba0b9c141af44a7c15
latest releases: v11.7.0, v11.6.2, v11.6.1...
14 months ago