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Introducing Got 11! 🎉 The last major version was in December last year. ❄️ Since then, a huge amount of bugs has been fixed. There are also many new features, for example, HTTP2 support is finally live! 🌐

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Breaking changes

Removed support for

Due to the inconsistencies between the Electron's net module and the Node.js http module, we have decided to officially drop support for it. Therefore, the useElectronNet option has been removed.

You'll still be able to use Got in the Electron main process and in the renderer process through the electron.remote module or if you use Node.js shims.

The Pagination API is now stable

We haven't seen any bugs yet, so please give it a try!
If you want to leave some feedback, you can do it here. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!

-    _pagination: {...}
+    pagination: {...}


  • The options.encoding behavior has been reverted back to the Got 9 behavior.
    In other words, the options is only meant for the Got promise API.
    To set the encoding for streams, simply call stream.setEncoding(encoding).'', {encoding: 'base64'});'').setEncoding('base64');

// Promises stay untouched
await got('', {encoding: 'base64'});
  • The error name GotError has been renamed to RequestError for better readability and to comply with the documentation.
-const {GotError} = require('got');
+const {RequestError} = require('got');
  • The agent option now accepts only an object with http, https and http2 properties.
    While the http and https properties accept native http(s).Agent instances, the http2 property must be an instance of http2wrapper.Agent or be undefined.
-    agent: new https.Agent({keepAlive: true})

+    agent: {
+        http: new http.Agent({keepAlive: true}),
+        https: new https.Agent({keepAlive: true}),
+        http2: new http2wrapper.Agent()
+    }
  • The dnsCache option is now set to a default instance of CacheableLookup. It cannot be a Map-like instance anymore. The underlying cacheable-lookup package has received many improvements, for example, it has received hosts file support! Additionally, the cacheAdapter option has been renamed to cache. Note that it's no longer passed to Keyv, so you need to pass a Keyv instance it if you want to save the data for later.
-    dnsCache: new CacheableLookup({
-        cacheAdapter: new Map()
-    })

+    dnsCache: new CacheableLookup({
+        cache: new Keyv({
+            cacheAdapter: new Map()
+        })
+    })

// Default:

    dnsCache: new CacheableLookup()
  • Errors thrown in init hooks will be converted to instances of RequestError. RequestErrors provide much more useful information, for example, you can access the Got options (through error.options), which is very useful when debugging.
const got = require('got');

(async () => {
    try {
        await got('', {
            hooks: {
                init: [
                    options => {
                        if (!options.context) {
                            throw new Error('You need to pass a `context` option');
    } catch (error) {
        console.log(`Request failed: ${error.message}`);
        console.log('Here are the options:', error.options);
  • The options passed in an init hook may not have a url property. To modify the request URL you should use a beforeRequest hook instead.
    hooks: {
-        init: [
+        beforeRequest: [
            options => {
                options.url = '';

Note that this example shows a simple use case. In more complicated algorithms, you need to split the init hook into another init hook and a beforeRequest hook.

  • The error.request property is no longer a ClientRequest instance. Instead, it gives a Got stream, which provides a set of useful properties.
const got = require('got');

(async () => {
    try {
        await got('');
    } catch (error) {
        console.log(`Request failed: ${error.message}`);
        console.log('Download progress:', error.request.downloadProgress);

Renamed TypeScript types

Some of the TypeScript types have been renamed to improve the readability:

Old type New type
ResponseObject Response
Defaults InstanceDefaults
DefaultOptions Defaults
DefaultRetryOptions RequiredRetryOptions
GotOptions Options
GotRequestMethod GotRequestFunction


  • Now requires Node.js 10.19 or later.


HTTP2 support is here! Excited? Yay! Unfortunately, it's off by default to make the migration smoother. Many Got users have set up their own Agents and we didn't want to break them. But fear no more, it will come enabled by default in Got 12.

const got = require('got');

(async () => {
    const response = await got('', {http2: true});
    //=> 'h2'
  1. The merge function is slow (#1016)
  2. Use error.code instead of error.message to compare errors (#981)
  3. Pass error thrown in the init hook to beforeError hook (#929)
  4. Errors have undefined body when using streams (#1138)
  5. Spaces should be normalized as + in query strings (#1113)
  6. Modify response headers while using (#1129)
  7. Make error.request a Got stream (af0b1472abf48a6c5491dcb36a1d8863c5227fb3).

Known bugs

  1. When some errors occur, the timings may indicate that the request was successful although it failed.
  2. When some errors occur, the downloadProgress object may show incorrect data.

Bug fixes

  1. Requests to UNIX sockets are missing query strings (#1036)
  2. beforeRequest hooks aren't called on redirects (#994)
  3. Errors are swallowed when using stream.pipeline(, ...) (#1026)
  4. Cannot use the cache along with the body option (#1021)
  5. Got doesn't throw on leading slashes (#1057)
  6. Got throws when passing already frozen options (#1050)
  7. Cannot type Got options properly due to missing types (#954)
  8. got.mergeOptions(...) doesn't merge URLSearchParams instances (#1011)
  9. The authorization header is leaking (#1090)
  10. Pagination should ignore the resolveBodyOnly option (#1140)
  11. Cannot reuse user-provided options (#1118)
  12. Broken with Node.js ≥ 13.10.0 (#1107)
  13. Cache is not decompressed (#1158)
  14. beforeRetry hooks are missing options.context (#1141)
  15. promise.json() doesn't throw ParseError (#1069)
  16. Not compatible with tough-cookie@4.0.0 (#1131)
  17. Shortcuts give body from the failed request on token renewal (#1120)
  18. No effect when replacing the cache option in a Got instance (#1098)
  19. Memory leak when using cache (#1128)
  20. Got doesn't throw on aborted requests by the server (#1096)

All changes

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