github sindresorhus/got v10.0.0-alpha.1

While this is an alpha release, the code is well-tested and fairly stable. We encourage you to test it out and report any issues. However, we don't recommend TypeScript users to use this yet as the types are incomplete.

$ npm install got@10.0.0-alpha.1.1


  • Remove support for protocol-less URLs in the url argument 92bc808

    • Why: To reduce ambiguity. It was not clear from just reading the code what it would default to.
    • Migrate:
  • got('');

  • got('');
    - Rename the `query` option to `searchParams` and make it stricter b223663 5376216 - Note: The `query` option name is still supported, but it will be removed in the next major version. - Why: To get closer to the `window.fetch` naming in the browser. - Migrate: diff
    - got(…, {query: …});
    + got(…, {searchParams: …});

  • Replace the baseUrl option with prefixUrl (#829) 0d534ed

    • Note: We also made it stricter to reduce ambiguity. The Got url argument now cannot be prefixed with a slash when this option is used.
    • Why: To make it clear that it doesn't do any URL resolution.
    • Migrate:
  • got('/foo', {baseUrl: ''});

  • got('foo', {prefixUrl: ''});
    - Change the `json` option to accept an object instead of a boolean and to only be responsible for the request, not the response (#704) a6a7d5a - Note: You now set the request body in this option instead of the `body` option when you want to send JSON. This option also no longer sets the response type to JSON. You either call the `.json()` method or specify the `responseType` option for that. - Why: Many people were confused how `{json: true}` worked and they also complained that they could not set the request/response individually. - Migrate: diff
    - got(url, {body: {x: true}, json: true});
    +, {json: {x: true}}).json();

  • Don't infer POST automatically when specifying body (#756) e367bdb

    • Why: We're trying to reduce the amount of magic behavior.
    • Migrate:
  • got(…, {body: 'foo'});

  •…, {body: 'foo'});
    - The `retries.retry` option was split into `retries.limit` and `retries.calculateDelay` b15ce1d - Migrate: diff
    got(…, {
    retry: {
    - retries: 2
    + limit: 2
    got(…, {
    retry: {

  • retries: iteration => iteration < 2

  • calculateDelay: ({attemptCount}) => attemptCount < 2


    - Rename the Promise API property `.fromCache` to `.isFromCache` (#768)  b5e443b
    - Move top-level error properties into an `.options` and `.response` property (#773)  6eaa81b
    - Migrate:
    - error.gotOptions
    + error.options
    - error.headers
    + error.response.headers
    - error.statusCode
    + error.response.statusCode
    - error.statusMessage
    + error.response.statusMessage
    - error.body
    + error.response.body
    - error.redirectUrls
    + error.response.redirectUrls
    - error.hostname
    + error.options.hostname
    - error.method
    + error.options.method
    - error.protocol
    + error.options.protocol
    - error.url
    + error.options.url
    - error.path
    + error.options.path
  • Custom instance creation was simplified (#707) 8eaef94

    • Note: got.mergeInstances(...instances) is deprecated. Use instanceA.extend(instanceB) instead.
    • Migrate:
  • got.create({handler: handler});

  • got.create({handlers: [handler]});

Merging instances

  • got.mergeInstances(instanceA, instanceB, instanceC, …);
  • instanceA.extend(instanceB, instanceC, …);

Merging options

  • instanceA.extend(optionsB).extend(optionsC).extend(…);
  • instanceA.extend(optionsB, optionsC, …);

Merging instances and options

  • got.mergeInstances(instanceA.extend(optionsB), instanceC);
  • instanceA.extend(optionsB, instanceC, …);

Extending handlers

  • got.mergeInstances(instanceA, got.create({handler: handlerB}));
  • instanceA.extend({handlers: [handlerB]});
    `` *Note: The notes here will be expanded in the final release.* ### Enhancements - Got has been rewritten in TypeScript. This means we can provide our own type definitions and we can be more confident when working on the Got codebase and produce less bugs. - Add support for [Brotli]( (Node.js 12 and later) (#706) d5d2e6f - Add opt-in [DNS cache]( (#731) cd12351 - Add [contextoption]( for storing custom metadata across request and hooks (#777) 3bb5aa7 - Add [option to ignore invalid cookies]( (#826) e9c01e0 - Proxy headers from server request to Got (#772) 00e5fd5 - Pass the response as the second argument to thebeforeRedirecthook (#812) 3557896 - MakeURLSearchParamsinstances mergeable (#734) 95c7c2c - Throw on canceled request with incomplete response (#767) 92b1005 - Add.isFromCache` property to the stream API (#768) b5e443b
    ### Fixes
    - Fix parsing response when using afterResponse hook (#775) e2054cd
    - Fix port not being reset on redirect (#729) ada5861
    - Fix the retry functionality (#787) 0501e00
    - Fix default retry option value when specifying a number (#809) 9c04a7c
    - Correctly handle promise- and stream-specific errors in the beforeError hook 134c9b7
    - Don't throw on early lookups 4faf5c7
    ### Docs
    - Document that retry option doesn't work with streams 9088866
    - Encourage using Stream.pipeline() when using the stream API 06afb27
    - Add instructions for global-agent (#822) ca8c560
    - Mention the TimeoutError.timings property 8fa18f4
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