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FreeSWITCH v1.10.4 Release

This is a major release containing not only new features and stability improving bug fixes, but also changes to the build system to make contributing to FreeSWITCH and its modules easier for the community!

 Release Notes - FreeSWITCH - Version 1.10.4


  • [Build-System] Allow full path or git clone url (with arguments) in modules.conf to build out of tree modules.
  • [Build-System] Fix Visual Studio detection logic to use the latest installed when building FreeSWITCH or sound packages.
  • [Build-System] Remove Sofia-Sip library from the FreeSWITCH tree and use packages instead.
  • [Build-System] Remove SpanDSP library from the FreeSWITCH tree and use packages instead.
  • [Build-System] Use $(DefaultPlatformToolset) so it's easier to build using newer Microsoft Visual Studio versions.
  • [Core] Add AEAD_AES_128_GCM and AEAD_AES_256_GCM ciphers support.
  • [docs] Update wiki link to confluence
  • [mod_http_cache] Add v4 sig
  • [mod_openh264] Enable build on Drone.
  • [mod_sofia] Cleanup usage of sofia-sip headers.
  • [sofia-sip] Add urn: scheme support to sofia.
  • [test] Disable logs when loading and shutting down FS core
  • [Tests] Split drone build and run-tests.


  • [Build-System] Fix folder conflict when building unit-tests on Windows.
  • [Build-System] Fix typo in debian/
  • [Build-System] Fix wrong libspandsp-dev version for Debian
  • [build] detect system installed sofia-sip using PKG_CONFIG_PATH
  • [build] properly prepend PKG_CONFIG_PATHS on out of tree modules
  • [core] fix build with newer build tools against openssl 1.1
  • [Core] Fix leak of BIO_METHOD *dtls_bio_filter_methods in switch_rtp_add_dtls()
  • [Core] Fix size overflow in pool_stats (when configured with --enable-pool-debug)
  • [esl] Fix typo in fs_cli.c
  • [mod_av] Break packets evenly
  • [mod_cv] scan-build: Null pointer passed as an argument to a 'nonnull' parameter.
  • [mod_event_socket] Fix hangup race with listener_thread of socket application in async mode
  • [mod_http_cache] Fix Windows build
  • [mod_openh264] Fix stap-a size issue and add unit test.
  • [mod_silk] switch_silk_decode: Fix invalid condition for return code from switch_jb_peek_frame().
  • [mod_sofia] Fix crash when proxy INFO without body
  • [mod_sofia] Verify that replaces header params exist
  • [sofia-sip] Timed out or not established wss should be destroyed immediately and avoid keep-alive functionality.
  • [Tests] Fix build on new Drone
  • [Tests] Fix Drone CI capturing Address Sanitizer reports sent to stderr.

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