github signalfx/signalfx-agent v5.5.5

  • filesystems monitor: Fix bug where multiple mounts at / within a container did not set dimensions correctly.
    • collectd/rabbitmq monitor: Fix TLS config issues
    • http monitor: Fix issues with default port handling
    • Made ingest timeout configurable (default is the same at 5s)
    • Added collectd/tomcat GenericJMX based monitor (Thanks to @xp-1000)
    • Added prometheus/nginx-ingress monitor to suprecede the prometheus/nginx-vts monitor (Thanks to @xp-1000)
    • collectd/cassandra monitor: Added a few new metrics (Thanks to @xp-1000)

Docker Image: (digest: sha256:8219d2fc964386d798876ea000f7398a505735a35ab1aab2f3c18e2951ee59e4)

latest releases: v5.11.0, v5.10.2, v5.10.1...
7 months ago