github signalfx/signalfx-agent v5.5.0

  • Upgrade bundled JRE to OpenJDK 10 from 8
    • Upgrade signalfx/golib to fix sapm-related panic
    • New telegraf/varnish monitor
    • Collectd mesos plugin in bundle was upgraded to latest (must be used with collectd/custom)
    • http monitor: New original_url dimension added to identify the configured URL instead of redirected URL
    • Many HTTP requests made from the agent will now include a User-Agent: SignalFx Smart Agent/<version> header to identify the requests.
    • collectd/zookeeper monitor: Add more metrics about leaders to metadata to make them easier to identify

Docker Image: (digest: sha256:d81f2bffb175a2f7e55b776f437d5425e1cd8cd027c1cb144ddfc4de830dd5f0)

latest releases: v5.10.2, v5.10.1, v5.10.0...
9 months ago