github signalfx/signalfx-agent v5.4.3

  • docker-container-stats monitor: Change container not found errors to debug log level, these are just the result of a race condition that does not hurt anything (thanks to @dinesh)
    • sql monitor: Ensure cursor gets closed on error conditions to avoid connection leakage (thanks @xp-1000)
    • Fixed bug where datapointsToExclude was being ignored in K8s annotation config.
    • Enhancements to Dockerfile to support ARM Docker image builds (thanks @squishykid). We don't distribute an ARM image but this version should be buildable for ARM via Docker.

Docker Image: (digest: sha256:1376dc070933a51cb93d874fb9c90c6447209031b2c6567842dc5076ac713b8e)

latest releases: v5.11.0, v5.10.2, v5.10.1...
9 months ago