github signalfx/signalfx-agent v5.4.1

  • jmx monitor: groovyScript option is now required (it always logically was before, just not enforced at startup)
    • General improvements to trace correlation client error/retry handling
    • diskio monitor: Added disk_ops.pending metric
    • Added new montior telegraf/ntpq
    • Added new option -service bypass to the Windows executable to facilitate running in a Windows container
    • Fix bug where spans without any localEndpoint could cause a panic when writing

Docker Image: (digest: sha256:dff437d30fb5d075d74ac651ca42bfe93aa207bcf5374ed3f68c174902f7a1d4)

latest releases: v5.10.2, v5.10.1, v5.10.0...
10 months ago