github signalfx/signalfx-agent v5.4.0

  • sql montior: Add ability to use expressions to generate datapoints from SQL queries
    • Added new process monitor for montioring cpu and memory usage of individual processes
    • kubelet-metrics montior: added container_image dimension when using /pods endpoint
    • kubelet-metrics montior: Add timestamps to all metrics emitted
    • Upgrade to newer version of collectd fork in order to get disk metrics on newer Linux kernel versions
    • processlist montior: Fix potential token disclosure on Windows
    • Fix nil panic that could happen when spans lack a localEndpoint object
    • Add new metricNameTransformations config to monitor config that allows changing metric names as they come out of monitors

Docker Image: (digest: sha256:741beaa94376dbab683ea67267804b24921addd65bdf2e1a1dbdb8bd180d5c12)

latest releases: v5.11.0, v5.10.2, v5.10.1...
11 months ago