github signalfx/signalfx-agent v5.3.0

  • Added new Splunk HEC output for datapoints and events (spans not yet supported). This can be enabled by setting the writer.splunk.enabled config to true and configuring the appropriate config options (see config docs)
    • Add new kubelet-metrics monitor that is now favored over kubelet-stats due to the deprecation of the endpoints that kubelet-stats relied on. The new monitor does not get as many metrics, but will be available by default in newer K8s versions. The old monitor will still work the same if you have an existing configuration that relies on it.
    • Add better endpoint configuration options to collectd/php-fpm and supervisor monitors (Thanks to @xp-1000)
    • New mongodb-atlas monitor for monitoring remote Mongo Atlas clusters
    • Made kubernetes.container_memory_limit and kubernetes.container_cpu_limit metrics default in the kubernetes-cluster monitor
    • Added metric to memory monitor and made it default.
    • Added cpu.num_processors metric to cpu monitor and made it default.
    • Added discovered target dimensions to monitor status output

Docker Image: (digest: sha256:1ed6762162635e8ed72668030b84b32b036445fd7bb30dd968fc7e26ef995420)

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