github signalapp/Signal-Desktop v6.18.1

latest releases: v6.20.0-beta.1, v6.19.0
5 days ago
  • Use the "Navigate by section" keyboard shortcuts (⌘/Ctrl+T & ⌘/Ctrl+F6) to quickly move between different areas of the app. It's like a - superhero version of the Tab key that can fly further and faster than its mild-mannered alter ego.
  • We added support for optional message sounds so that you can also hear notifications for sent and received messages while a chat is - open (Settings > Notifications).
  • Jump to the latest unread message in a chat (⌘/Ctrl+J) without touching the mouse or helping the touchpad live up to its name.
  • Updated icons give the app a fresh look and help improve legibility.
    There's a new "Copy text" option in the triple-dot menu too. Thanks, @yusufsahinhamza!
  • We've added additional translations for certain UI strings

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