github shuLhan/go-bindata v3.3.0

This release contain major internal refactoring on scanning the file system.


  • Check error and return it

There are many place where error from file create, write, and close was not
checked. With the help of tools, all error was checked and returned to the

  • Move generated content (template) to its own file

Since we generate go code, the template become noise because its inlined
with the generator itself, which make the code unreadable. This commit
split and move the content of generated to its own file template.go.

  • Refactoring the file scanner

There are several problems in old file system scanner,

  • It's unreadable. It's hard to read what the code do from the start
    until the end, which make it even harder to write new function/feature.

  • Each input file is converted to absolute path to handle symlink
    files and/or directory which cause additional process. The new scanner
    work with relative path only.

Bug Fixes

  • @joerocklin: Add the proper 'DO NOT EDIT' tag on file assets
  • @komuw: update installation with the right location
latest releases: v3.6.1, v4.0.0, v3.6.0...
3 years ago