github shuLhan/go-bindata v3.2.0

New Features

  • @ZaniaDeveloper 94068b1 - Avoid having a big file (#17)

This feature introduce -split option to config and command line. If its set
the output file is splitted per asset file.

  • @typeless 31e070ef - Add -include regex pattern to command line option


  • Rewrite makefile

  • Remove and ignore testdata output, 'testdata/out', from repository

  • Move "DO NOT EDIT" mark to the top, inline with "... generated by ..."

  • release:

    • assetReleaseCommon: fix shadowed error variable
    • Rename underscores function name to snake-case
  • [lint] Add comment to ByteWriter and StringWriter

  • config:

    • Split validate() into validateInput() and validateOutput()
    • Error should not end with punctuation
  • convert:

    • findFiles: never, ever use defer on recursive function
    • Fix comment on ByName type
  • doc:

    • Fix misspellings
    • Fix package comment
  • toc

    • Fix space alignment in generated asset names
    • writeGoMap: remove empty second value in range
    • funcOrNil: simplify if-else
    • child: use consistent receiver name
  • go-bindata:

    • Use instance of package log to print to stdout and stderr
    • Refactoring parse arguments
    • Add comment to Set method
    • Split and move usage into function
    • Merge version to main
    • Split flag initialization
    • parsingInput:
    • add unit test
    • fix comment and simplify if-else

Bug Fixes

  • [test] convert: fix due to changes of prefix from string to regex
latest releases: v3.6.1, v4.0.0, v3.6.0...
3 years ago