github shuLhan/go-bindata v3.1.0

New Features

  • @apvail 8f5f6db - Alter -prefix to Use Regular Expressions instead of just
  • @akutz 9308d8f - Added MD5 Checksum Support
  • @fridolin-koch 468373d - Use os.PathError for more information regarding the
  • @baruchlubinsky 4671a58 - Change default package to containing folder of


  • @lebauce 89e7c37 - Make generated code pass gofmt -s
  • @andyxning fb998d9- update build info with newer golang
  • @kevinburke 7e5ef26 - Simplify RestoreAsset
  • @spencerhakim
    • accfe6a - Break binary data up into multiple lines
    • 32b0afc - Add .editorconfig

Bug Fixes

  • @hemc4 db443d7 - Remove go vet from dependency
  • @andreas-kupries b7d2e98 - Fix duplication of the last path element for paths
    which do not have the -prefix to strip
latest releases: v3.6.1, v4.0.0, v3.6.0...
4 years ago