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Changes since v0.12.0


#1471 by @HeavyWombat: Git and Bundle sources now produce additional status fields in a BuildRun to return the commit timestamp of the commit being used, or the image/source timestamp of Bundle images respectively.

#1448 by @SaschaSchwarze0: action required: after you upgraded from v0.12 to v0.13, you can run the following two commands to remove unnecessary permissions: kubectl delete crb shipwright-build-webhook && kubectl delete cr shipwright-build-webhook

#1435 by @SaschaSchwarze0: Controllers now use Tekton's V1 API to create and access the TaskRun that backs a BuildRun


#1499 by @SaschaSchwarze0: You can now patch a completed BuildRun on the Beta API without removing its status

#1486 by @SaschaSchwarze0: A BuildRun object in v1alpha1 version is now correctly converted to v1beta1 when it has .spec.serviceAccount.generate set to true

#1429 by @SaschaSchwarze0: You can now use files and directories with two subsequent dots in its name when using an OCI artifact as source

API Changes

#1504 by @SaschaSchwarze0: You can now define a Build without any source. This is for example useful when you want to run this build only with local source. Also, some corrections have been made to the Go types.

#1463 by @qu1queee: Set the storage version to v1beta1 and update Shipwright controllers to operate on the same.

#1441 by @SaschaSchwarze0: The Build in the beta API has been corrected so that when defining .spec.source.git, then .spec.source.git.url is mandatory.


#1461 by @qu1queee: Add ADOPTERS doc

#1460 by @qu1queee: Add ROADMAP doc


#1552 by @qu1queee: Improve conversion webhook logging

#1513 by @SaschaSchwarze0: The minimum Kubernetes version is now 1.27. The minimum Tekton version is 0.50.

#1509 by @HeavyWombat: Output image section now supports an optional timestamp field, which can be used to change the image creation timestamp, i.e. use string "SourceTimestamp" to let the output image creation timestamp to be modified to the timestamp of the source timestamp.

#1495 by @SaschaSchwarze0: Shipwright Build is now compiled with Go 1.21

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