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10 days ago

An upgrade is planned for the Shentu mainnet at height 15094300 , which is estimated to be reached around Sep 21, 2023 13:00-14:00 UTC. This release should be applied after reaching the upgrade height.

The upgrade operation should be a binary replacement at the upgrade height, Please refer to for upgrade instructions.


[v2.8.0] - 09-12-2023

Version 2.8.0 changes the Bech32 address prefix to 'shentu'.

State Machine Breaking Changes

  • (app) #718 Modify the persisted Bech32 addresses for various modules to change the prefix to 'shentu'.

Bug Fixes

  • (x/cert) #754 Fix the bug of wrongly decoding of platform certificate.

Binary checksum

sha256sum shentud_2.8.0_*
33fa97fbed48705c7b14b8f77c6969555f24068bc7e9caa63024bcac36ac0521  shentud_2.8.0_arm64_macos
3c16c4c4ca62f7b4e447414667338e799bd27de36adddb2354908aaef8072e0a  shentud_2.8.0_linux_amd64
90fce7fb8746e7864b81f124b2f4c15932be77eefffea4ff088a9460fd788fc5  shentud_2.8.0_win_x86_64.exe

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