github shentufoundation/shentu v2.7.2

latest releases: v2.8.0a, v2.8.0
one month ago

An upgrade is planned for the Shentu mainnet at height 14875800 , which is estimated to be reached around Sep 06, 2023 13:30-14:30 UTC. This release should be applied after reaching the upgrade height.

The upgrade operation should be a binary replacement at the upgrade height, Please refer to for upgrade instructions.


Bug Fixes

  • (x/gov) #761 fix the bug of votes are removed early for general proposals

Binary checksum

sha256sum shentud_2.7.2_*
ff249d58394f329d8025915532fb9d12300de784fd9b4eb96529a00af2f9ed2f  shentud_2.7.2_linux_amd64
46cc49c82264239688a5990c7ba6d57754bd57e5c38bb06f73654390bf078eb4  shentud_2.7.2_arm64_macos
694a6c971882e471d0b4529b5edc1927bd7c023e553c2a816dfa82e417b782e2  shentud_2.7.2_win_x86_64.exe

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