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5 months ago

An upgrade is planned for the Shentu mainnet at height 12926000, which is estimated to be reached around 0am-1am UTC on April 26, 2023. This release should be applied after reaching the upgrade height.

The upgrade operation should be a binary replacement at the upgrade height, Please refer to for upgrade instructions.


[v2.7.0] - 04-11-2023

Version 2.7.0 brings Oracle 2.0, which offers security evaluation for transactions running on business chains.

State Machine Breaking Changes

  • (x/gov) #651 Achieve the compatibility with Cosmos gov interface by removing customized implementation from the gov module.


  • (x/oracle) #613 Introducing Oracle 2.0 to provide trusted scoring for other on-chain business transactions.


  • (app) #646 Upgrade cosmos-sdk from v0.45.9 to v0.45.11 and tendermint from v0.34.21 to v0.34.23
  • (app) #599 Upgrade IBC to v4.2.0
  • (x/oracle) #639 Add remaining bounty refund feature in oracle module.
  • (app) #633 Improve go deps and proto gen.

Bug Fixes

  • (x/shield) #563 Fix shield service fees bug.

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