github shentufoundation/shentu v2.3.1

latest releases: v2.8.0a, v2.8.0, v2.7.2...
20 months ago

This release is to fix the vesting accounts described in cosmos/cosmos-sdk#8601. This bug affected any vesting accounts which made any delegations/unbondings after shentu-2.0 upgrade.

To upgrade an operating node for shentu, stop the running certik node and restart it with this version of the binary. The actual upgrade will happen at height 6530000, and any node that hasn't upgraded at that point will no longer sync.

shasum of the binaries:

$ sha256sum ./*
0ee91afc405a5cdc3da9aef544c7c6d411fbbe511b4b3da16899435fd5c41b9d  certik_2.3.1.0124_linux_amd64
121c664115c69c7d130d09b1eaf22da7acfba1849ed61429ab90b21246ef3d4e  certik_2.3.1.0124_macos
01fb636d275f4f5f2e6117ba6d93f63bfe51227c8e0e5156e27fec7b66744d8a  certik_2.3.1.0124_win_x86_64.exe

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