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2 years ago

The 2.0.0 release will be used in shentu-2 upgrade.
To Upgrade your node to shentu-2, please refer to Shentu-2 Mainnet Docs.
To participate in the mock upgrade on Yulei testnet, please refer to Yulei-2 Testnet Docs.


[v2.0.0] - 08-09-2021

Version 2.0.0 brings many breaking changes with SDK upgrading to Stargate version. For more information on the SDK upgrade, visit CosmosSDK Release Notes

Client Breaking Changes

  • (app) #241 Renamed default binary name to certik.
  • (oracle) #303 Oracle client commands refactor.

API Breaking Changes

  • (cvm) #231 Remove direct solidity file deployment.
  • (shield) #244 Fix shield query & state export.
  • (cert) #249 Certification module refactor.
  • (shield) #269 Shield gRPC query refactor.

State Machine Breaking Changes

  • (app) #221 Upgraded SDK to 0.42.6.
  • (shield) #286 Fix shield emitted events to include sender.
  • (cert) #302 Removed validator certificate.
  • (cvm) #301 Removed zero-address coins recycling.


  • (ibc) #251 Add IBC support.


  • #230 Optimized shield invariant & removed crisis module from endblocker.
  • #286 Fix shield emitted events to include sender.
  • #283 Improve vesting account generation.


  • #296 General test improvements over the modules.
  • #280 Additional test cases for cert and oracle modules.

Bug Fixes

  • (app) #254 Disable module account receiving coins.
  • (gov) #259 Gov module bug fixes.
  • (gov) #268 Fix proposal migration bug.

binary shasums:

$ sha256sum ./*
16a1522c0d55d5d465d0536ba271e2f518ce326b49f58514339692897d0d5d75  ./certik_2.0.0.0809_linux_amd64
bfaa62fa426745a424564de570c75b9e1daced6fb2028524c65bb7e088728609  ./certik_2.0.0.0809_macos_amd64
337434fbd3824d4717cad0b2a6a42c2a6105dba5e21d1ed8e05604192d0d5477  ./certik_2.0.0.0809_win_x86_64.exe

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