github shentufoundation/shentu v1.2.0
v1.2.0.1120 (deprecated)

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2 years ago

A minor upgrade for shentu mainnet. Includes some bugfixes & query improvements. Recommended to perform the upgrade ASAP.

This release is compatible with v1.0.0 and v1.1.0 only after loading in the genesis. To join the shentu mainnet from genesis, initialize the data sync with v1.0.0 binary and replace the binary with v1.2.0.

If you are already running a node with v1.0.0 or v1.1.0 binary, simply replace the binary and restart certikd. We recommend you to do so as soon as possible.


certikd version --long
name: certik
server_name: certikd
client_name: certikcli
version: 1.2.0
commit: 4fd7fafd7a533f2c967568334e52a8035ab965d2
build_tags: ""
go: go version go1.15.5 linux/amd64
certikd version


sha256sum of the binaries

311848f846dc3b1be37ab4c40080efac5192eb2a8597eacd0dd9f4521a8e5e8a  build/certikcli_1.2.0.1120_linux_amd64
c103b8c9329d435f4307b5c197a2c939a733b6932cdd9310fd4547a8d87c5116  build/certikcli_1.2.0.1120_mac_amd64
3004dce2941562ae94554c6888a360587e09148bb1561c377c65b6e790bdbb2d  build/certikcli_1.2.0.1120_win_amd64.exe
7a44310e0d5c0376daa645b977a9aa4f2ef2eff3e088ebb0bbc945b298ccbc14  build/certikd_1.2.0.1120_linux_amd64
a30f4675e1921763c93efa642a743c4a8b41ccb8956a31b8e445637a1110f838  build/certikd_1.2.0.1120_mac_amd64
0605bbc96213f11c2248414032a1cb06d82e5b237a04f20829c9af91cb989618  build/certikd_1.2.0.1120_win_amd64.exe


  • (rest) #131 Set default query limit to 100.

Bug Fixes

  • (x/shield) #173 Fixed indexing problem when paying out from unbonding delegations
  • (x/shield) #170 Fixed conditional check for depositing collateral

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