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v1.1.0.1111 (deprecated)

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2 years ago

deprecated in favor of v1.2.0

A minor (binary replaceable) upgrade for Shentu Mainnet.
This release will enable many new features and bugfixes for the Shentu Mainnet on block height 348000 or on Monday, 11-16-2020 around 1:00PM EST (5:00PM UTC). Node operators and validators are encouraged to switch their binaries as soon as possible.

This release is compatible with v1.0.0 only after loading in the genesis. To join the shentu mainnet from genesis, initialize the data sync with v1.0.0 binary and replace the binary with v1.1.0 binary sometime before height 348000.

If you are already running a node with v1.0.0 binary, simply replace the binary and restart certikd.


sha256sum of the binaries (built from WSL with go 1.15.5)

f92582e56d00b913901a5a4a71142aab3512c1ff2f5daa9dc95cc8e678c663c1  certikcli_1.1.0.1111_linux_amd64
3bf892556b964edf1acdde44aae3667b309c03155e6e3413ff32898d8a8639d3  certikcli_1.1.0.1111_mac_amd64
75ea8eb2b8045a38f1c3907ce38fa7ecde851deaec0b0a5c2e9b98751a0ff257  certikcli_1.1.0.1111_win_amd64.exe
add7529ec2b7094a407cd5ec56281cbe546650f1c640766d260dcac50be6bc2e  certikd_1.1.0.1111_linux_amd64
d5d815875d4a1fcd0efcb7e5963037c8ae06b8b9122629138c69f73f6f3a070d  certikd_1.1.0.1111_mac_amd64
5fa05a68761896c683959965284b7c31675a2127d354859b8ad718c16e5c2216  certikd_1.1.0.1111_win_amd64.exe


State Machine Breaking Changes

  • (assets) #131 Added height checks for newly added tx routes


  • (x/shield) #132 Enabled Shield claim proposals for reimbursements
  • (x/shield) #131 Enabled Staking for Shield


  • (x/cvm) #129 Integrated CVM info to account query

Bug Fixes

  • (x/auth) #124 Fixed locked send event output
  • (x/gov) #145 Fixed param change proposal for simulations

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