github seydx/homebridge-fritz-platform 5.0.2

latest releases: 6.0.19, 6.0.18, 6.0.17...
18 months ago
  • Completely rewritten
  • New: Homebridge (latest/beta) Support
  • New: Config UI X Integration
  • New: Polling with additional functions (exclude accessories)
  • New: Possibility to display all 'Extras' like Wifi, Alarm, Led etc etc as Characteristic or as a separate switch in Apple Home
  • New: Network Watch
  • New: Configurable Callmonitor names
  • New: Group Callmonitor sensors
  • New: DECT station
  • New: Ability to hide devices (router)
  • New: Additional ping for presence
  • New: Ability to change accessory typ for presence and anyone sensor, with FakeGato support
  • New: Smarthome devices with FakeGato Support
  • New: Smarthome Outlet Accessory with Fakegato for powermeter
  • New: Smarthome Window Accessory with Fakegato for devices with built in windowOpen function
  • New: Support for SmartHome Lights (only on/off and brightness)
  • Removed: Broadband for compatibility reasons
  • Support for homebridge v1.3.0
  • Fixed wol switch


The new version is not compatible with version < 5! If you use version < 5 of this plugin, please remove it from Homekit/Homebridge before updating!

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