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2 years ago

3.1.0 (2021-06-25)


Bug Fixes

  • core, e2e-tests: fix ISR, make e2e tests retryable (#1290) (83d19f0)
  • lambda-at-edge: handle /_next/static image requests and minor improvements to image error logging (#1288) (b64effe)
  • lambda-at-edge: improve error logging when s3 fails in image optimizer (#1287) (9af3a37)
  • nextjs-component, cloudfront: wait for distribution to be ready before creating invalidations (#1281) (3091c7c) Important: this may increase deploy times by a couple minutes but guarantees your invalidations run after the updates to your distribution have fully propagated. Disable using waitBeforeInvalidate CloudFront input if not critical (for example, test environments etc.).
  • s3-static-assets: cover regional cn endpoints (#1279) (a47b761)
  • lambda-at-edge: fix reconstruction of uri for "index.html" -> "/" instead of "/index" in origin response handler (#1278) (48d6735)
  • lambda-at-edge, nextjs-component: add option to disable cleaning up .next directory before builds (#1273) (51bffdd)
  • core: fix data route locales (#1268) (e1c8cd8)
  • s3-static-assets: use regional endpoint for s3 buckets (#1263) (3a1d5d5)
  • s3-static-assets: when initializing s3 client, pass in bucket region to ensure correct s3 endpoints (#1262) (83805bb)
  • nextjs-component: fix aws config update (#1248) (eae2f4e)
  • tweak aws retry policy (#1247) (00e5730)

(Note, there are other changes from 1.20 alpha as well, but because of independent versioning it is hard to list all changes here).

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