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Milton 1.2.7

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6 years ago

What's new

This is a bug fix release for the new renderer. There are still some kinks to iron out, but it should work on many more machines now.

Bug fixes

  • Anti-aliasing should work on non-Nvidia cards.
  • Milton tried to bake the whole canvas on load, which was a Very Bad Idea for very large canvases.
  • Workaround for a window-focusing issue with

How to download

Most people will want to download the installer. MiltonSetup_1.2.6_x64.exe
If Windows incorrectly flags the installer as a virus, or if you just prefer it, you can download a standalone zip.

Please let me know if you want a 32-bit release! I have not generated a 32-bit installer because I believe there is no demand for it.

Linux and OSX

Coming soon, as always ;-)


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