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Milton 1.2.6

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6 years ago

What's new

New renderer!. Milton can now handle much more complex paintings.

This new version needs a machine that supports OpenGL 3.2. If you are on an older integrated card, or if for any reason your machine does not have support, Milton will tell you and exit.

There are a bunch of bugfixes. All of them should be in the github issue tracker under the 1.2.6 label.

Since the new renderer is OpenGL-based and this is its first time in the wild, things might explode / not work correctly. Please report issues! :)

Which installer to download

Most people will want to download the x64 installer. MiltonSetup_1.2.6_x64.exe
If you prefer, or if Windows incorrectly flags the installer as a virus, download a standalone zip for your architecture.

Linux and OSX

Porting Milton is my next thing in my to-do list.


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