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Milton 1.2.1

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7 years ago

Milton 1.2.1

Milton is still Windows only. Download the installer or the standalone zip file. Whichever you prefer.

I appreciate any kind of constructive feedback.

Enjoy! =)

Release Notes

The increase in the minor version number indicates that there has been a change in the binary format.

Major changes and new features.

  • Small change to the file format. MLT files now include information about the state of the pen and the eraser - the size opacity and, in the case of the pen, color. Milton is backwards compatible. Everything done with version 1.1.0 should work with 1.2.1.
  • Milton now remembers its last screen size.
  • Shows the file name and the last save time in the menu bar.
  • If Milton is having problems saving, it will prompt when quitting to try saving somewhere else.

Bug fixes

  • Milton reported phantom "MOUSE_UP" events on tablets that not always give pressure data when the pen is down.
  • Milton didn't behave properly on displays smaller than the default window size. The new default behavior is to maximize.


Thanks to Mikkel Hjortshøj for reporting and helping me track down the phantom MOUSE_UP event
Thanks to Apoorva Joshi and Roberto Lapuente for reporting the window resizing problem.
Thanks to everyone at the Handmade Network for trying this out and leaving nice comments =)

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