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1.67.0 - 2024-03-28


  • --historical-secrets flag for running Semgrep Secrets regex rules on git
    history (requires Semgrep Secrets). This flag is not yet implemented for
    --experimental. (scrt-531)


  • Files with the .phtml extension are now treated as PHP files. (gh-10009)

  • [IMPORTANT] Logged in users running semgrep ci will now run the pro engine by default! All semgrep ci scans will run with our proprietary languages (Apex and Elixir), as well as cross-function taint within a single file, and other single file pro optimizations we have developed. This is equivalent to semgrep ci --pro-intrafile. Users will likely see improved results if they are running semgrep ci and did not already have additional configuration to enable pro analysis.

    The current default engine does not include cross-file analysis. To scan with cross-file analysis, turn on the app toggle or pass in the flag --pro. We recommend this unless you have very large repos (talk to our support to get help enabling cross-file analysis on monorepos!)

    To revert back to our OSS analysis, pass the flag --oss-only (or use --pro-languages to continue to receive our proprietary languages).

    Reminder: because we release first to our canary image, this change will only immediately affect you if you are using semgrep/semgrep:canary. If you are using semgrep/semgrep:latest, it will affect you when we bump canary to latest. (saf-845)


  • Fixed a parsing error in Kotlin when there's a newline between the class name and the primary constructor.

    This could not parse before

    class C

    because of the newline between the class name and the constructor.

    Now it's fixed. (saf-899)

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