github segmentio/chamber v2.9.0

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22 months ago

Note: due to a problem with CI, I had to release from outside of our CI, from my laptop. If you don't trust my laptop (you shouldn't!), you should not use these binaries and build them yourself.

v2.9.0 vs v2.8.2


  • 0829349 feat: Add AWS Secrets Manager Store (#267) (Dan MacTough)
  • 1ee0da2 feat: Configure aws sdk min throttle delay using command argument (#273) (Kyle Espinola)
  • 2e4e57a feat: Add YAML support for import/export (#265) (Brian Dwyer)


  • fd7164f Update aws-sdk-go dependency to v1.35.7. (#283) (Drew Hess)
  • bcfb2fd Fix directions for setting env vars, close #259 (#270) (Nuru)
  • 5523fa4 Dockerfile rm git (Nick Irvine)
  • 1cdcdc9 Ignore .git in images (Benjamin Yolken)

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