github segmentio/chamber v2.3.3

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3 years ago

v2.3.3 vs v2.3.2

  • [4ac61ad] Add ubuntu/cosmic + ubuntu/disco releases (#201) (Dominic Barnes)
  • [a831170] add default stale config (#190) (Nick Irvine)
  • [ac049f2] add global --backend flag (#182) (Nick Irvine)
  • [063d1b0] Support tfenv export (#188) (Gonzalo Peci)
  • [059f1d1] Dockerfile (#186) (Nick Irvine)
  • [e64e264] Allow to use a custom AWS SSM endpoint (#174) (Michal Matyjek)
  • [33e0217] Add env command to export secrets (#184) (Jarryd Tilbrook)
  • [0b80a4a] Update AWS SDK to v1.16.26 (#181) (Jarryd Tilbrook)
  • [ab51432] add write --skip-unchanged flag (#175) (Andy Clayton)
  • [b12d154] Add --pristine to exec command (#173) (Nicolás Hock-Isaza)
  • [f55b7d2] Add Windows Support (#172) (Brian Dwyer)

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