github segmentio/chamber v2.2.0

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3 years ago

v2.2.0 vs v2.1.1

deb/rpm packaging, circle 2.0

  • [f08dc82] add pointer to Installation wiki page (#132) (Nick Irvine)
  • [b8363c1] Add deb/rpm packages (#129) (Nick Irvine)
  • [1f9b223] add missing govendor sync (Nick Irvine)
  • [b38f851] move circle config to the right place 🤦 (Nick Irvine)
  • [07d0605] Circle 2.0 (#125) (Nick Irvine)
  • [e743d3b] Add chamber-$(VERSION).sha256sums generation (#126) (Nick Irvine)

Global -verbose flag

  • [e61fff1] Fix flag shorthand conflict. (#134) (Joshua Carp)
  • [c9f8f68] Print env var keys on exec with global -v flag (Yarek Tyshchenko)

Experimental s3 backend

  • [53ad806] fix writing keys for new services: (Daniel Fuentes)
  • [3d34550] remove default bucket (Daniel Fuentes)
  • [ff5fb8f] cleanup getStore() (Daniel Fuentes)
  • [67ef9eb] set retries when creating session (Daniel Fuentes)
  • [bf4dbb4] Make secret backend configurable (Daniel Fuentes)
  • [dcb44cf] add some backend performance benchmarks (Daniel Fuentes)
  • [928e1c6] add S3Store implementation: (Daniel Fuentes)
  • [d1a43b5] move session creation out of SSMStore constructor for reuse (Daniel Fuentes)
  • [b4edc16] update readme to remove default bucket (Daniel Fuentes)
  • [576b28a] add note in the readme about s3 backend (Daniel Fuentes)


  • [d9c77ea] Support Variable Depths and improve regex (#118) (Gonzalo Peci)
  • [29a1f2b] Merge pull request #122 from jmcarp/bail-out-pagination (Rob McQueen)
  • [d76fdd1] Return original error on reading parameter. (#124) (Joshua Carp)
  • [0134e37] Stop paginating after finding a matching parameter. (Joshua Carp)
  • [e8febaa] Update CHAMBER_NO_PATHS example in README (John Boggs)

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