github segmentio/chamber v2.10.11

latest release: v2.10.12
one month ago

What's Changed

  • docs: update CODEOWNERS and cleanup contributing guide by @alecjacobs5401 in #346
  • fix x509: certificate signed by unknown authority error when using docker by @1david5 in #330
  • fix: enhance error message to clarify validity of forward slashes in service names by @alecjacobs5401 in #347
  • arm64 docker builds by @kevcube in #348
  • chore: installation for Go 1.18 by @mrkagelui in #350
  • Remove test-dockerhub-login step from feature branches pipelines by @rikez in #351

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.10.10...v2.10.11

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