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22 days ago

Upgrade instructions

# Backup any systemd unit file customizations

# Get the v1.12.3 binaries
wget ""

# Verify the v1.12.3 binaries
echo '9f3ad82a67d3aa6acfbddb3dbee3a4e7f91b328fa6d99e16e7ab19f00d540eb2 secretnetwork_1.12.3_mainnet_goleveldb_amd64.deb' |
    sha256sum --check

# Stop the current node (v1.12.1 or v1.12.2)
sudo systemctl stop secret-node

# Install the v1.12.3 binaries
sudo apt install -y "./secretnetwork_1.12.3_mainnet_goleveldb_amd64.deb"

# Restore any systemd unit file customizations

# Restart the node
sudo systemctl restart secret-node

What's changed

  • Patch a security issue

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