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6.6.0 - May 18, 2023

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Release Notes

gke-gcloud-auth-plugin dependency for K8s v1.26

The gke-gcloud-auth-plugin binary is required to access any GKE clusters when using kubectl 1.26+ with a "provider based" kubernetes configuration file. Use of the "service account and cluster role binding" kubernetes configuration file variant remains the same and does not require either gcloud or the gke-gcloud-auth-plugin binary to communicate with the cluster.

When running viya4-deployment with a "provider based" kubernetes configuration file using the ansible-playbook CLI, you will need to install the gcloud binary and gke-gcloud-auth-plugin on your machine using these step-by-step instructions from Google's Authentication Blog post. When running viya4-deployment with the docker container built from this project's Dockerfile, the gke-gcloud-auth-plugin is pre-installed and enabled for you.

The viya4-iac-gcp project has been updated to support the generation of a "provider-based" kubernetes configuration file in release 4.5.0. For more information about kubernetes configuration files, see Kubernetes Configuration File Generation documentation in the viya4-iac-gcp project.


  • #428 feat: (IAC-298) Security update - use-forwarded-headers set to false for ingress-ngnix
  • #433 feat: (IAC-1002) Upgrade the default ingress-nginx and kubectl versions to work with K8s 1.26
  • #429 feat: (IAC-180) Add V4M_CUSTOM_CONFIG_USER_DIR config var for ops4viya logging & monitoring custom configurations
  • #435 feat: (IAC-696) DAC - Install gke-gcloud-auth-plugin with viya4-deployment for K8s v1.26


  • #440 docs: (IAC-1028) Troubleshooting entry for AWS & GCP non-static kubeconfig files using ansible with orchestration deploy command


  • #419 fix: (IAC-964) Update kubernetes-sigs nfs-provisioner
  • #427 fix: (IAC-358) Update uidNumber for test users in example LDAP confs

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