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25 days ago

Installation and upgrading

To initiate a new Studio without installing the CLI globally:

npm create sanity@latest

To upgrade a v3 Studio, run this command in its folder:

npm install sanity@latest

🐛 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixes an issue where the studio might crash on "orphaned marks" in the Portable Text Editor.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the tasks plugin to be inserted multiple times in studios using more than one instance of the Structure Tool.

📓 Full changelog

Author Message Commit
Pedro Bonamin fix(tasks): group changes done to the same field (#6132) 61c7ef8
Espen Hovlandsdal fix(i18n): allow list formatter without arguments in Translate component (#6135) 3e5b8d6
Pedro Bonamin fix(core): remove duplicateds tasks plugins (#6134) a0fce46
Sindre Gulseth fix(typegen): add placeholder group to allow typegen to show in help (#6133) 45f0406

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