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Version 20.9.0

Version 20.9.0


  • #1887 Pass subprotocols in websockets (both sanic server and ASGI)
  • #1894 Automatically set test_mode flag on app instance
  • #1903 Add new unified method for updating app values
  • #1906, #1909 Adds WEBSOCKET_PING_TIMEOUT and WEBSOCKET_PING_INTERVAL configuration values
  • #1935 httpx version dependency updated, it is slated for removal as a dependency in v20.12
  • #1937 Added auto, text, and json fallback error handlers (in v21.3, the default will change form html to auto)


  • #1897 Resolves exception from unread bytes in stream

Deprecations and Removals

  • #1903 config.from_envar, config.from_pyfile, and config.from_object are deprecated and set to be removed in v21.3

Developer infrastructure

  • #1890, #1891 Update isort calls to be compatible with new API
  • #1893 Remove version section from setup.cfg
  • #1924 Adding --strict-markers for pytest

Improved Documentation

  • #1922 Add explicit ASGI compliance to the README
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