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Version 20.6.1

Version 20.6.1


  • #1760 Add version parameter to websocket routes

  • #1866 Add sanic as an entry point command

  • #1880 Add handler names for websockets for url_for usage


  • #1776 Bug fix for host parameter issue with lists

  • #1842 Fix static _handler pickling error

  • #1827 Fix reloader on OSX py38 and Windows

  • #1848 Reverse named_response_middlware execution order, to match normal response middleware execution order

  • #1853 Fix pickle error when attempting to pickle an application which contains websocket routes

Deprecations and Removals

  • #1739 Deprecate body_bytes to merge into body

Developer infrastructure

  • #1852 Fix naming of CI test env on Python nightlies

  • #1857 Adjust websockets version to

  • #1869 Wrap run()'s "protocol" type annotation in Optional[]

Improved Documentation

  • #1846 Update docs to clarify response middleware execution order

  • #1865 Fixing rst format issue that was hiding documentation

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