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For installation and usage instructions please refer to the README

Important notes

Please note that this version does not yet include any rework as a consequence of the major release and possibly some functions in our implementation might not be usable yet or only to a limited extent.

Don't forget to consider the version specific upgrading instructions for GitLab CE before upgrading your GitLab CE instance!

You are kindly invited to provide contributions.


If you find this image useful here's how you can help:

  • Send a Pull Request with your awesome new features and bug fixes
  • Be a part of the community and help resolve issues
  • Support the development of this image with a donation


  • [72aa682] Upgrade GitLab CE to 15.11.4 (Steven Achilles)
  • [110a8d7] Update (Steven Achilles)
  • [69d490b] Add note for the case any version of client does not match (Kazunori Kimura)
  • [b736b99] Add description about postgresql-client switching behavior (Kazunori Kimura)
  • [b3b700a] Uninstall unused postgresql-client on startup (Kazunori Kimura)
  • [260f548] Ship with multiple versions of postgresql-client (Kazunori Kimura)

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