github salesforce/policy_sentry 0.9.1
0.9.1: Minimization improvements; logging fix; new --resource-type flag to Query command

latest releases: 0.12.3, 0.12.2, 0.12.1...
19 months ago
  • write-policy:
    • Minimization is improved by grouping results based on ARNs (#252)
  • query:
    • --resource-type flag added to policy_sentry query action-table command (Fixes #255)
  • Backend methods:
    • Added some utility functions (get_statement_from_policy_using_sid, get_sid_names_from_policy to make it easier to future-proof unit tests that rely on the ever-changing AWS IAM data.
    • Bug fix for get_actions_for_service (Fixes #245)
    • Bug fix for create_policy_sid_namespace (Fixes #266)
  • logging
    • Bug fix for logging not working (Fixes #268)

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