github salesforce/policy_sentry 0.7.0
0.7.0: Template format updates; deprecated analyze/download subcommands; template type autodetection.

latest releases: 0.12.3, 0.12.2, 0.12.1...
2 years ago

User-facing changes

  • The initialize command is now completely optional.
  • Removed: The analyze command is deprecated and removed. We moved this functionality over to Parliament here
  • Removed: The download-policies command is deprecated and removed.
  • Breaking change: Template format is vastly different. You will have to either pin to an old version or update your templates.
  • Removed: The --crud flag for write-policy command. Now users do not have to specify the --crud flag. Policy Sentry will automatically detect the format.
  • Removed: analyze and download-policies commands.

Developer library changes

  • A lot. Removed a lot of the old functions.
  • Replaced ArnActionGroup with SidGroup. This will allow us to do conditions, etc. It is also easier to read.
  • The old write-policy logic using ArnActionGroup is nuked. Now using SidGroup, since that will help us take advantage of condition keys. And it's clean(er).
  • write-policy is easier to call as a method.
  • Unit tests are in a nested folder structure that resembles the rest of the python package.
  • Moved to Python Black instead of autopep8
  • Replaced a lot of print statements with logging.

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