github salesforce/policy_sentry 0.6.9
0.6.9: Improvements to Database queries which help with writing policies. Helpful error messages to users.

latest releases: 0.12.3, 0.12.2, 0.12.1...
2 years ago
  • database: Fixes #51 - Give the user an error when the database file does not exist (in connect_db function). Except for the case of the initialize function.
  • query: The query command now supports querying for wildcard only actions at an access level per service. For example, the only wildcard-only action under S3 at the Permissions management access level is s3:PutAccountPublicAccessBlock
  • query: The query command now supports yaml output. This Fixes #95 (output in the Query command) but does not fix #11 (since #11 is asking for the write-policy command to support YAML, and was before the query functionality came out).
  • query: the get_actions_matching_condition_key_crud_and_arn is available. This provides some scaffolding for #21
  • travis: Auto-deployment of Python package with TravisCI

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