github rq/rq v1.15

10 days ago
  • Added Callback(on_stopped='my_callback). Thanks @eswolinsky3241!
  • Callback now accepts dotted path to function as input. Thanks @rishabh-ranjan!
  • queue.enqueue_many() now supports job dependencies. Thanks @eswolinsky3241!
  • rq worker CLI script now configures logging based on DICT_CONFIG key present in config file. Thanks @juur!
  • Whenever possible, Worker now uses lmove() to implement reliable queue pattern. Thanks @selwin!
  • Scheduler should only release locks that it successfully acquires. Thanks @xzander!
  • Fixes crashes that may happen by changes to as_text() function in v1.14. Thanks @tchapi!
  • Various linting, CI and code quality improvements. Thanks @robhudson!

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