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Roundcube Webmail 1.5-beta

This is a beta release for the next major version 1.5 of Roundcube webmail.
With this milestone we introduce new features and long-awaited improvements.
The most noteworthy additions are:

  • PHP 8.0 support
  • OAuth2/XOauth support
  • Dark mode for Elastic skin
  • Collected recipients and trusted senders
  • Moving recipients between inputs with drag & drop
  • Full unicode support with MySQL database
  • Cache refactoring

Adding support for PHP 8 required some deep refactoring of the Roundcube codebase which started with early PHP 5 versions. However, this refactoring also was a bit of a cleaning procedure and resulted in more testable components.

In case you're running Roundcube directly from source or if you're not using the complete package, you need to install 3rd party javascript modules using the bin/ script. With this release the toolchain required to build a functional package has changed a bit:

  • bin/ replaced google-closure-compiler with UglifyJS
  • bin/ replaced yuicompressor with csso
  • Elastic theme: require lessc >= 2.5.2 (and add support for v4) with less-plugin-clean-css

This is a beta release and we recommend to test it on a separate environment.
And don't forget to backup your data before installing it.


  • Require PHP >= 5.5
  • Support PHP 8.0 (#7625)
  • Require php-intl
  • Remove use of Net_IDNA2 package
  • Require GuzzleHttp\Client
  • Upgrade to TinyMCE 5.5.1
  • Upgrade to jQuery 3.5.1 (#7464)
  • Update build tools (#7800, #7804, #7497):
    • Replace google-closure-compiler with UglifyJS
    • Replace yuicompressor with csso
    • require lessc >= 2.5.2 (and add support for v4) with less-plugin-clean-css for Less files compilation
  • Automatically collected recipients and trusted senders (#6904)
    • Added configurable Collected Recipients addressbook source (#4971)
    • Added configurable Trusted Senders addressbook source (#5046)
    • Added 'contact_exists' hook
    • Added separate "trusted senders" options for show_images and mdn_request preferences (#7614)
  • Contact form mode: private/business (#7630)
  • OAuth/XOauth support (#7425, #6933)
  • Cache refactoring (#6312)
  • Added special value 'email' to login_username_filter, it changes also logon input type (#7179)
  • Allow array in smtp_host config (#7296)
  • Support proxy for server-side HTTP requests (#7658)
  • By default do not set the User-Agent header (#7731)
  • Add posibility to (re-)define field mapping on contacts import from a CSV file (#7045, #6668)
  • Move "On request for return receipt" from "Mailbox View" to "Displaying Messages" (#7614)
  • Support RFC8438: IMAP STATUS=SIZE - for faster folder size calculation (#7269)
  • MySQL: Use utf8mb4 charset and utf8mb4_unicode_ci collation (#6535, #7113)
  • Allow NULL in users.preferences column in postgres and sqlite db, the same as for other engines (#7767)
  • Support for language codes up to 16 chars long (e.g. es-419) in database schema (#6851)
  • Relaxed domain name validation for extended TLDs support (#5588)
  • Allow opening application/octet-stream attachments according to filename extension (#6821)
  • Added support for INSERT OR REPLACE queries (#6771)
  • Allow skins to define which layout options they support (#7235)
  • Extract RFC2231 attachment name from message headers (#6729, #6783)
  • Add support for SameSite cookie attribute via session_samesite option (req PHP >= 7.3.0) (#6772)
  • Change folders sorting so shared/other users namespaces are listed last (#5012)
  • Display a warning and do not try to open empty attachments (#7332)
  • Return 204 rather than 404 on missing contact photo (#7777)
  • Add 'reconnect' plugin to retry IMAP connection (#7844)
  • Plugin API: Added 'message' argument to 'message_compose_body' hook
  • Plugin API: Added 'preferences' parameter to 'user_create' hook (#7692)
  • Elastic: Dark mode (#6709)
  • Elastic: Display email size on the list of messages (#7162)
  • Elastic: Replace properties sidebar with a dialog on the attachment preview page (#7635)
  • Elastic: Minimize forms/colors blink on page load
  • Elastic: Improve mail header "detailed mode" (#7224)
  • Elastic: Moving single recipients between recipient inputs with drag-n-drop (#5069)
  • Elastic: Display a special icon for other users and shared namespace roots (#5012)
  • Elastic: Support space-separated email addresses in recipient input (#6529, #6457)
  • Elastic: Remember list checkbox selection state (#7148)
  • Elastic: Add "Open in new window" in mail compose (#7260)
  • Elastic: Make custom less files optional (#7497)
  • Elastic: Prevent from opening mail preview in a new window on touch devices using double tap (#7732)
  • Templates: Add support for expressions in object attributes (#7237)
  • Templates: Add support for nested if conditions (#6818)
  • Templates: Make [space][slash] ending of condition objects optional (#6954)
  • Mailvelope: Fix size of iframe for PGP-inlined mail (#7348)
  • Mailvelope: Add config option to use Main Keyring (#7348, #7157)
  • Mailvelope: Add config option to set the size for new keys (#7348)
  • Mailvelope: Always ask before discarding email currently being composed (#7348)
  • Mailvelope: Fix unnecessary warning to re-add attachments when restoring a draft (#7348)
  • Archive: Added options to split archive by year or year+month and folder (#7216)
  • Enigma: Support ECC key generation - when using GnuPG >= 2.1.7 (#6853)
  • Managesieve: Add support for 'spamtest' extension - RFC3685 (#6950)
  • Managesieve: Allow display name with email address in vacation :from field (#6760)
  • Managesieve: Improve UX on custom header input (#7207)
  • Managesieve: Fix bug where activation of forward/vacation rule could activate a wrong script (#7423)
  • Managesieve: Fix bug where forward/vacation rule could end up being duplicated (#7349)
  • new_user_identity: Fix missing password for user-specific LDAP operations (#7667)
  • Password: Added 'pwned' password strength driver (#7274)
  • Password: Added Mail-in-a-Box (miab) driver (#7824)
  • Password: Added TinyCP driver (#7510)
  • Password: Added httpapi driver to connect to generic HTTP/HTTPS APIs (#7439)
  • Password: Added dovecot_passwdfile driver (#5786)
  • Password: Removed old 'cpanel' driver, 'cpanel_webmail' driver renamed to 'cpanel' (#7780)
  • Fix handling of address groups in email headers by ignoring their names (#7663)
  • Fix so message flags are updated on refresh also for multifolder search results (#7774)
  • Fix so IMAP ID command is send only after authentication (#7517)
  • Fix bug where it wasn't possible to save Spanish (Latin America) locale preference (#7784)
  • Fix mail search error on invalid search_mods definition (#7789)
  • Fix error when dealing with message/rfc822 attachments using Gmail IMAP (#6854)
  • Fix ISO-2022-JP-MS encoding issues (#7091)
  • Fix so messages in threads with no root aren't displayed separately (#4999)
  • Fix so anchor tags without href attribute are not modified (#7413)
  • Fix invalid IMAP SEARCH command in some rare case on messages cache synchronization (#7895)
  • Fix so allowing remote resources does not add an entry to browser history (#6620)
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