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This is v1.9.4 of the Smartnode.
It is primarily a maintenance release with many small improvements based on user feedback and requests now that Atlas has shipped, but includes some important client updates as well.

Prysm and Teku users should consider this a high priority update.
For all other users it is a medium priority update.

⚠️ Oracle DAO members must update to this version (or higher) by Epoch 204900 on Mainnet (approx. 2 weeks) so network balance consensus is maintained.

To upgrade, follow the Smartnode upgrade instructions.

Client Updates

  • Updated Besu to v23.4.0.

  • Updated Nethermind to v1.18.0.

  • Updated Lodestar to v1.8.0.

  • Updated Nimbus to v23.5.0.

  • Updated Prysm to v4.0.4 - a very high priority update.

    • The Smartnode now includes Prysm's new --build-block-parallel flag automatically.
  • Updated Teku to v23.5.0 - a very high priority update.

  • Updated Grafana to v9.4.10.

  • Updated Prometheus to v2.44.0.

New Grafana Dashboard

We have a new Grafana dashboard that's more appropriate for Shapella and Atlas upgrades - Dashboard v1.3.0!

It comes with the following changes:

  • Removed the old ETH APR figures as they can no longer reliably be calculated.
  • Removed the current minipool collateral amount, as it is now fixed at 14%.
  • Removed the average node collateralization level, as it can no longer be reliably calculated by Grafana.
  • Added total balance of all minipools on the Execution Layer.
  • Added your share of the total minipool balance on the Execution Layer.
  • Added your total pending refund.
  • Your collateral ratio has been changed; it now shows the ratios for both borrowed ETH and bonded ETH.
  • Added the length of the minipool queue and the total amount of ETH required to clear it.
  • Fixed the used RAM figure for Nethermind.
  • It will now properly show block proposals for blocks built by MEV-Boost when using Nimbus.

To install it, follow the steps in the installation guide:

Smartnode Changes

  • Greatly improved the performance of state snapshot generation via ABI caching and increased thread limits; it should now run 2x to 3x faster than previous versions.

  • New command: rocketpool minipool rescue-dissolved allows you to "rescue" a dissolved minipool by depositing enough ETH to complete its bond, activating it on the Beacon Chain. Once it becomes active on the Beacon Chain, you will be able to exit it (rocketpool minipool exit) and close it (rocketpool minipool close) to access your locked capital. We have a guide ready that explains this process in full.

  • New command: rocketpool node add-address-to-stake-rpl-whitelist can be used to allow an address to stake RPL on behalf of your node (e.g., using the staking website).

  • New command: rocketpool node remove-address-from-stake-rpl-whitelist can be used to revoke access to an address from staking RPL on behalf of your node.

  • rocketpool minipool distribute-balance now shows the combined amount of ETH that will be distributed if you select all minipools.

  • rocketpool minipool distribute-balance can now be used to retrieve the balance of dissolved minipools.

  • rocketpool minipool exit now works with dissolved minipools.

  • rocketpool node status will now show you how much of your staked RPL is eligible for rewards, as RPL rewards now use the Beacon Chain status of your minipools to determine your rewardable RPL. As a reminder, minipools must be active on the Beacon Chain (e.g., not pending in the queue and not exited) to be eligible for RPL rewards.

  • The Smartnode can now download rewards files from our GitHub mirror if it can't access them via IPFS (for Mainnet rewards files only).

  • Improved the network balance submission routine so it now properly accounts for 8-ETH bonded minipools when approximating the rETH stakers' share of fee distributors.

    • For Oracle DAO members: this new routine will take effect on Epoch 177900 on Goerli and 204900 on Mainnet.
    • This gives you about 1 week to update to v1.9.4 (or higher) on Goerli, and about 2 weeks to update to v1.9.4 (or higher) on Mainnet.
  • The Smartnode will now decode Nethermind's hex-encoded error messages into readable English messages.

  • Added the external IP to Lodestar so it should start connecting to peers faster.

Bug Fixes

  • Lodestar will now ignore checkpoint syncing if it already has a database present.

  • Entries in rocketpool service config will now have leading and trailing spaces removed prior to saving.

  • If the Smartnode cannot determine your external IP address, it will now properly ignore it instead of passing a blank string to the Consensus clients.

  • State snapshotting will now return an error instead of crashing if retrieving contract balances fails.

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