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21 days ago

This is v1.12.0 of the Smart Node.
It is a recommended update for all users as it contains important new features and bug fixes.

Client Updates

  • Lighthouse updated to v5.1.2 - includes a block lookup efficiency fix, a fix to stop propagation of slashings for attesters who have already been slashed, a fix to the --disable-upnp flag, and a couple of metric fixes;
  • Teku updated to v24.3.1 - includes improvements to CPU and NETWORK issues. Also introduces Validator Slashing Prevention feature.
  • Prysm updated to v5.0.2 - This release has many optimizations, UX improvements, and bug fixes.
  • Nimbus updated to v24.3.0 - includes additional beacon API support and resilience to suboptimal network conditions.
  • Reth updated to v0.2.0-beta.4 - Improved performance and bug fixes. (Testnet only)

Note that some clients, like Teku, Prysm and Nimbus, started to prioritize locally produced blocks unless MEV-Boost provides a 10% higher value. We are supporting this decision from the client teams and the Smart Node will use these default values.

Smart Node Changes

  • Added: alert notification functionality allows you to receive notifications about the health and important events of your Rocket Pool Smart Node. Check the guides for more details. Thanks to @activescott for this contribution!
  • Fixed: approximate RPL reward panel for RPIP-30 changes. Thanks to @cayosenzo for this contribution!
  • Fixed: "version is obsolete" issue. This upgrade will automatically remove the obsolete references if your system uses the default install location (~/.rocketpool). If you still see warnings, run the following commands, adjusting to your RP directory:
find ~/.rocketpool/override/ -name "*.yml"  -exec sed -i '/^version: "3\.7"$/d' {} \;
find ~/.rocketpool/templates/ -name "*.tmpl"  -exec sed -i '/^version: "3\.7"$/d' {} \;

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