github rigaya/NVEnc 3.18

  • now repeat field flag from avcuvid reader could be applied by using vpp-rff.
    Note that this implementation is for rff=1 only. Also it could not be used with --vpp-deinterlace or --trim.

  • add interlace support for --vpp-resize, --vpp-pmd, --vpp-gauss, --vpp-knn, --vpp-unsharp.
    Filters will be automatically applied per field, when input is set as interlaced.
    --vpp-deband, --vpp-delogo was already interlace aware.

  • Fix possible crush when converting from high bit depth yuv420 -> p010.

  • add Auto Field Shift deinterlacer by CUDA, --vpp-afs.

latest releases: 5.15, 5.14, 5.13...
3 years ago