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Alpha 6.5

latest releases: 4.01, 4.0, 3.9...
pre-release4 years ago

Important info:

Duino Coin network will be offline until serveo will come back online (they need to fix some phishing issues). Serveo dev declares that after it will be fixed it should work stable then. As an apology to this inconvinience, every user that was active in the last 2 weeks will receive 5 DUCO.

Pretty update!

  • Wallet:
    • Complete redesign
    • Sending funds should no longer fail
    • DUCO to USD calculator
    • Debug window (in About)
    • Code optimization
    • Minor bugfixes and changes

To use new wallet, you need to wait until comes back online as they declared inaccessibility for a few days because of phishing.

  • PC Miner:

    • (Hopefully) fixed reconnecting
    • Colored output
    • Code optimization
    • Minor bugfixes and changes
  • Arduino Miner:

    • No changes (0.6.4)

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