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Release 2.5.5 (Pools are here)

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2 years ago

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Hello everyone! Pools, or nodes - as they should be more specifically called, are finally here.

We spent days and nights designing this system and we hope it will improve the mining experience A LOT!
For now, there's only one node (pulse-pool-1) that has been set up on the new VPS thanks to mainly Bilaboz's hard work.
That's it for now. Having main node load issue finally fixed, we will be able to focus on improving other softwares and creating new ones.
As always, please report any encountered issues.


  • PC Miner:

    • Added automatic node fetching
    • Some cosmetic changes
  • AVR Miner:

    • Added port shuffling
  • ESP8266/32 codes:

    • Prepared the codes to work with node (pool) system

⚠️ NOTICE: .exe binaries may be detected as a virus by your antivirus software. This is a false positive caused by pyinstallers bootloader, read about it here. Duino-Coin is not a virus.

Happy mining!

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