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Release 2.1

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3 years ago

This release is essentially the same as Release 2.0, except it cointains bugfixes and small improvements.


  • PC Miner & AVR Miner:
    • Fixed miner not reconnecting automatically
    • Added Arduino DUE mining support for AVR Miner
    • Increased socket timeouts
    • Fixed debug options
    • Fixed efficiency setting in PC Miner
  • Wallet:
    • Added loading window
    • Added tray support by @hgecode
    • Other small improvements
  • CLI Wallet:
  • ESP32 Codes:
    • Improvements by @JoyBed - please re-upload codes to the board!

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To launch Linux release programs, use ./Program_name, e.g. ./PC_Miner - Python is no longer required.

⚠️ NOTICE: .exe binaries may be detected as a virus by your antivirus software. This is a false positive caused by pyinstaller bootloader, read about it here. Duino-Coin is not a virus.

See you in the next update!

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