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Release 1.2

latest releases: 4.1, 4.01, 4.0...
4 years ago


  • PC Miner & PoT Miner:
    • Fixed a bug with server version
    • Corrected messages about missing dependencies (thanks, markonjak!)
    • Added autorestarter setting during configuration menu (thanks, Jacob!)
    • Other minor bugfixes
  • Wallet:
    • Dark mode is now default
    • DUCO/USD price is now grabbed from server API (thanks, Bilaboz & Jacob!)
    • Fixed bugs with logging-in and registration (thanks, paxille!)
    • Fixed a bug when transaction list wasn't saved
    • Added logout option
    • Added password change option
    • Added notification when receiving bigger transactions (thanks, Furim!)
    • Other minor bugfixes

Server has also received some changes, including better API (now HTML & JSON) and optimization of the code. Arduino Miner is still in 1.0 shape, It'll get more love when I'll have more time. Linux version finally contains binaries so there shouldn't be any problems with launching it now (thanks, markonjak!) If anyone still hasn't joined our Discord, here's the link:

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